Let us help you solve your problem

Got a software issue or maybe something isn’t working correctly, let’s try to solve this for you for free. That’s right there isn’t a catch to this we provide such services for free as it should be. Please review your contact options.

Our IT Support got you covered in different contact availability.


1Is this seriously free?

Yes, we can help you get advice and attempt to fix your device online, but if the device requires in-person repair this will start to cost starting from $59.99

2How do I get my Device to you?

We'll send you a shipping label or we'll request a UPS Driver to pickup your device . But make sure its packaged securely.

3Can I contact as many times as I want?

You sure can, we're not limiting this option so feel free to hop on at anytime you want.

4What devices do you help with?

We support Laptops, Computers, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Cameras, Hard Drives, ETC (Keep in mind our Apple support is very limited at the time)

5How do I get in-person repair?

Do you see the chat button at the bottom right of your screen? If anyone's online make sure to ask them about it, if not submit a ticket of the device and the issue.